Introduction to IFTTT

"If This Then That" (IFTTT) is a web service that allows you to connect other web services, apps and devices to each other to automate simple tasks. For instance, like many people you probably have receipts sprinkled through your email. Perhaps you would like to keep these in one place. By connecting the IFTTT Gmail channel to the Evernote channel, IFTTT can automatically transfer any emails containing the words "receipt" or "order" to an Evernote folder. These trigger - action combinations are called recipes and there are hundreds of pre-existing ones for you to choose from - or you can make your own. At the time of writing IFTTT had implemented 322 channels, and more are coming online all the time, so the possibilities are substantial.

IFTTT is ideal for using with Whenever an IFTTT action fires, you can store the fact away in, so that you have a permanent record that is searchable and visualizable. For instance, you can:

  1. Record outlook calendar events when they occur
  2. Record incoming Gmails and Office 365 emails
  3. Record incoming and outgoing phone calls
  4. Record incoming and outgoing SMSs
  5. Record your weight and BMI when you step on your Fitbit Aria scales
  6. Record sleep and steps from Fitbit watches
  7. Record the main news headlines from National Public Radio
  8. Store photos you take on Android or iOS devices
  9. Record your moods through Jawbone UP

To set it up, you create a recipe with whichever trigger channel you want and the Maker channel. The Maker channel is IFTTTs generic channel that can connect to any web service - including