Harness big data to understand people's behaviors, attitudes and beliefs

The number of sources of digital trace data grows daily. Most studies focus on just one data stream, but a more complete picture can be obtained by drawing insights from many sources. Unforgettable offers a comprehensive set of over 600 technologies that can help to address your research questions.

Available data sources include:

  • Social media data from Twitter, TikTok, Facebook and Instagram
  • Email
  • Google locations with addresses, place types, activities, weather and Street View images
  • Google web search and browsing histories
  • Step counts and sleep data from Fitbit
  • Online app and website time use captured across devices using the RescueTime system
  • Calendar entries from Google and Microsoft Outlook
  • Movement, audio, GPS coordinates and images from the Unforgettable app
  • Phone calls
  • Facebook messenger and SMS histories
  • Smartphone buttons that appear on people's home screens when they open their phones to capture states and events that cannot be passively recorded. Buttons allow participants to record moods, micro experiences (e.g. of aggression or sexism) or behaviors (e.g. taking public transport)
  • Micro surveys to elicit custom data from people repeatedly over a day, week or month
  • Standard surveys including demographic, geographic, socioeconomic, health, work, time use, relationships, personality, affect, self esteem, values questionnaires
  • Custom surveys and experiments