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The ability to collect large volumes of data from individuals as they go about their lives is revolutionizing research across a wide range of fields including health, social sciences, environmental sciences, engineering, computer science, business and law. But, conducting lifelogging studies requires new infrastructure and skills. provides a suite of research services to help you through the process:

Advice on hardware and service choices

Did you know you can track the gas a car consumes or every time a washing machine is used - automatically? Want to track people's social media exposure or the events in their calendars? The possibilities afforded by webservices, wearables and the Internet of Things are expanding extremely rapidly and at we follow the trends - helping you to pick the right options for your project.

Data collection infrastructure

Our smartphone app automatically sends accelerometry, image, audio and location data to our servers in a privacy preserving and secure way. Our integration with IFTTT allows you to upload data from hundreds of web services and devices into the same store. Once there you have the power of the system to search and visualize the data. Our machine learning classifiers work around the clock turning raw data into meaningful tags (e.g. translating audio into voice or traffic tags or identifying that those GPS coordinates correspond to a fast food outlet).

Contract programming

Need a new machine learning classifier, visualization, survey or other capability for your specific lifelogging project. We have the programmers and the expertise.

Data analysis methods

This ain't your grandfather's data analysis. Lifelogging data often accumulates by the gigabyte per month per user or more. Analyzing that data requires specific expertise in signal processing, machine learning and dynamical systems methods. We can help.

Help with ethics proposals

Lifelogging data is interesting exactly because it is personal. However, having access to users' personal data raises ethical concerns. At, we take those concerns very seriously and have developed several mechanisms to give users control over their data and make sure it is safe. We have navigated ethical review boards in multiple institutions and countries and can help you write your protocols.

At, we are academics. We understand that you probably don't have money sitting around to start a lifelogging project. We work in a partnership model. If you want to apply for funding for a project, we will help you up front to produce a really compelling proposal. If you are interested contact us and let's chat.

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