Ecological Momentary Assessment

Passive data can often yield greater insight when paired with microsurvey data collected at regular intervals while people go about their everyday lives. Collecting data in this way is often called ecological momentary assessment.

Unforgettable provides an interface to the Smartphone Ecological Memory Assessment (SEMA3) tools for conducting microsurveys. To conduct a study that uses both unforgettable and SEMA3, go the SEMA3 website. There you will find user guides and video tutorials on how to use the system. Set up a project on Unforgettable and create your study on SEMA3. Then contact us and we will arrange for your Unforgettable participants to be informed about the SEMA3 study and arrange payment, when they are finished.

Once all participants are finished, the data will become available in the Unforgettable analysis platform - private and secure.

To see an example of how the SEMA3 data will appear on the Unforgettable platform, sign up as a researcher and go into the Researcher Projects tab in the Marketplace. There are two Demo projects there, both of which used SEMA3. One examines the relationship between memory and emotion and the other contains data on people's daily events including the activities they do, the people they spend time with and the places they frequent.