Perhaps the easiest way to start collecting data with Unforgettable is to complete some of the standard surveys that are provided under the Surveys menu. There you will find surveys capturing demographic, geographic and socioeconomic information as well as assessments of personality, values, beliefs, self esteem and emotions. Some of these are designed to give you insight into yourself - for instance, the IPIP120 and IPIP300 will calculate where you sit on the big 5 personality scales.

You can also maintain a diary in the system so that you can record events and and then retrieve them or cross reference them with other data at a later time.

You can fill in the surveys as often as you like, keeping a history of your thoughts and status. Most of the surveys provide an estimate how how long they will take.

Filling in the surveys is a good way to gain priority in the marketplace. If a researcher wants the data from a specific survey, then our algorithms will prioritise people who have already completed it.

Click here to get started filling in surveys